Some technical details

from Hohner documentations.

The HOHNER melodica

This is an easy-to-learn modern wind instrument for young and old to make their own music. It is suitable for solo as well as group playing but it is also exceedingly useful in musical education as an introduction to all keyboard instruments. New HOHNER Cassotto Melodicas - soft mellow tones - easy response - new-type mouth piece that allows to turn instrument in any playing position.

How to hold the instrument

Hold the melodica with the left hand. Place four fingers between the strap underneath and use the thumb as a support. The mouthpiece must be placed only so far into the mouth so that the blow hole is in front of the teeth. Press both lips gently together round the mouthpiece, ensuring that all sides are closed. The instrument must be held sloping downwards. Keep the left arm slightly raised to avoid resting it on the body or chest. Similarly with the right arm, although this should incline slightly downward with the wrist. The five righthand fingers have to be placed on the keyboard in such a way that the thumb forms a line with the keys. The remaining four fingers must rest slightly bent on the keyboard.

How to play

Correct breath control is essentiel. For smooth passages (legato) use the "breath mode", namely breathe air into the instrument. For heavier passages (portato) use the palate attack, using air as in whistling either more or less, as required. Use the tongue for short and precise note values (staccato). Use the tongue as if saying "dee" for soft sounds, and "tee" for shorter, sharp sounds. In this way suitable articulation for ail kinds of playing will develop.

Attaching the mouthpiece

The slightly rounded part of the mouthpiece opening must be uppermost. Do not push the mouthpiece too hard on to the body, otherwise it do not easily be taken off again.

Care of the melodica

When not in use keep the instrument in its box to protect it from dust and dirt. Cold temperature also affects the smooth working of the reed longues, so let the instrument "Warm up" in a temporale atmosphere before playing. Periodically open the moisture vent, by pressing the button especially immediately after playing, and blow through the instrument without pressing any of the keys. This will remove any condensation which may have collected. Attention to these few tips wili repay you with years of pleasure in the perfect functioning of your instrument.